World Wide Technology Championship: All You Need To Know

World Wide Technology Championship: All You Need To Know

Delve into the world of professional golf through the World Wide Technology Championship, a prestigious event that showcases the skills and strategies of top players.

This tournament offers a platform for golf enthusiasts to witness high-level competition and enjoy the sport’s excitement.

From details about the tournament structure to insights on the fan experience, there is much to explore and understand about this renowned championship.

Stay informed and engaged with essential information that highlights the key aspects of this thrilling competition.

Event Overview

The World Wide Technology Championship is an annual PGA TOUR golf tournament held at Diamante Cabo San Lucas, attracting top professional golfers such as Camilo Villegas and Matt Kuchar.

The event combines competitive golf with charitable fundraising, reflecting WWT’s commitment to sports sponsorship.

With significant prize money at stake, players must finish the final nine holes at 8-under-par to contend for victory.

The competition is intense, culminating in a dramatic finish where the winner clinches the title with an eagle on No. 18.

The World Wide Technology Championship is a notable event for golf fans and supporters of charitable causes.

Tournament Details

The World Wide Technology Championship at Diamante Cabo San Lucas is an annual golf tournament that attracts 132 professional golfers competing in four rounds of stroke play from November 2-5, 2023.

With a purse of $8.2 million, the winner will receive $1.476 million. The event is broadcasted extensively through the Golf Channel and reaches over 200 countries via the PGA TOUR distribution network.

The defending champion for the 2023 tournament is Russell Henley. The competition promises to be fierce as Henley defends his title against a strong field of competitors.

Golf enthusiasts can look forward to watching skilled performances and exciting moments on the picturesque greens of Diamante Cabo San Lucas.

Television Broadcast

Viewers can enjoy a comprehensive three-hour broadcast of the World Wide Technology Championship on the Golf Channel over four days. The TV schedule is set for 4:30-7:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and 3-6 p.m. ET on Sunday.

For those unable to watch on TV, online streaming options are available. Peacock offers simulcasts of the Golf Channel coverage, while PGA Tour Live provides online streaming for ESPN+ subscribers.

Detailed tee times for Round 1 and Round 2 are conveniently provided in Eastern Time, showcasing groupings for Tee No. 1 and Tee No. 10 on both rounds.

Online Streaming

To watch the World Wide Technology Championship online, you can stream the tournament on Peacock, which offers Golf Channel simulcasts for comprehensive coverage.

Additionally, PGA Tour Live can be accessed through ESPN+ for extended viewing options.

Online streaming provides a convenient way to follow the tournament from any location, ensuring you stay updated on all the key moments.

Stay connected to the tournament action and enjoy the competitive atmosphere through these online platforms.

Whether you’re at home or on the move, you can easily access the World Wide Technology Championship and witness the excitement as it happens.

Tee Times Schedule

The tee times schedule for the 2023 World Wide Technology Championship has been set in Eastern Time for both Round 1 and Round 2, with players grouped on Tee No. 1 and Tee No. 10.

Notable players are strategically placed in specific tee times to enhance the competitive aspect of the tournament. The schedule allows fans to anticipate a mix of emerging talents and seasoned professionals showcasing their skills throughout the event.

Player Lineup

The Player Lineup for the 2023 World Wide Technology Championship consists of 132 professional golfers vying for the title. Standout players include Ludvig Aberg, Cameron Young, and the reigning champion, Russell Henley.

These competitors from the PGA TOUR bring a mix of seasoned expertise and up-and-coming potential to the tournament, setting the stage for a compelling competition.

Tee times for Round 1 and Round 2 will start on both Tee No. 1 and Tee No. 10, offering fans ample opportunities to follow their favorite golfers throughout the event.

Expect a display of skill and determination as these athletes compete for victory on the course.

Defending Champion

After his victory in the previous year’s tournament, Russell Henley holds the title of defending champion at the World Wide Technology Championship. Henley’s win secured a portion of the $8.2 million prize pool and established his position as a strong contender in the upcoming event.

Fans are interested to see if he can maintain his form and defend his title against a competitive field of players. Henley will face challenges as he seeks to replicate his past success on the course.

The pressure is on for the defending champion to demonstrate his skills and resilience at the World Wide Technology Championship.

Prize Purse Breakdown

Discover the allocation of the $8.2 million prize purse at the 2023 World Wide Technology Championship to gain insights into how the winnings are distributed among participants.

The total purse offers substantial rewards for golfers competing in the tournament. The champion of the event will receive a noteworthy $1.476 million in prize money. Other top finishers will also receive a share of the prize purse based on their final rankings.

Russell Henley, the reigning champion, will aim to claim another portion of the prize money this year. The significant prize purse not only enhances the competitiveness of the tournament but also serves as a magnet for top professional golfers to exhibit their talents on the course.

Event Location

Diamante Cabo San Lucas serves as the host venue for the World Wide Technology Championship, offering picturesque ocean views and top-quality golf facilities for participants and spectators. Situated in the upscale area of Cabo San Lucas, Diamante combines natural beauty with luxury amenities to create an ideal setting for showcasing golfing excellence.

The event benefits from the world-class golf infrastructure and stunning surroundings, creating a memorable backdrop for the competition. Whether one is a golf aficionado or simply enjoys a sophisticated environment, Diamante Cabo San Lucas delivers a championship venue that embodies the essence of sporting and leisure sophistication.

Fan Experience

Fans attending the World Wide Technology Championship will have the opportunity to watch top PGA TOUR players compete at El Cardonal at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas.

The event features players like Ludvig Aberg and Cameron Young vying for a purse of $8.2 million, with $1.476 million going to the winner.

The Fan Experience includes live TV coverage by Golf Channel and Peacock, offering broadcast and streaming options.

The tournament is scheduled for Nov. 2-5, with tee times available in Eastern Time for Round 1 and Round 2.


Now that you have all the information about the World Wide Technology Championship, get ready to enjoy an exciting tournament filled with top golfers, charitable fundraising, and thrilling moments on the course.

Make sure to tune in to the television broadcast or online streaming to catch all the action and see who’ll emerge as the defending champion.

Don’t miss out on this must-watch event in the world of golf!